Ventilation Systems

Optimal Solutions For Every Situation

When selecting a ventilation system, we base our choice on your needs with regard to maintaining quality and weight. During this process we encourage you to achieve optimum value from your produce.

We are always ready to help you deal with maintaining the weight and quality of your stored produce, the supply chain, the desired climatic conditions in your storage facility, potential future plans for expansion, and the desired storage capacity.

Omnivent always strives to get a better price for your produce than what you presently achieve. The main goal of our cooperative relationship is to arrive at an optimal solution that focuses on quality and minimum weight loss.


  • Suction ventilation
  • Drying wall (forced ventilation or positive-pressure ventilation)
  • Horizontal blowing ventilation system
  • Room ventilation
  • Bulk ventilation (slatted floor or above-ground ducts)

Suction Ventilation

Suction ventilation is suitable for the forced ventilation of produce in open boxes stacked up to a height of approximately 7.5 metres. Air is drawn through the boxes by the negative pressure created between adjacent rows.


• High-quality construction designed for good air handling

• Forced ventilation up to a length of approximately 25 metres

• Excellent air distribution and drying characteristics

Positive-Pressure Ventilation
(Drying Wall)

Forced ventilation of produce in open or closed boxes up to a height of approximately 7.5 metres. Each layer in a row of boxes is ventilated through the pallet openings. A sloping wall structure ensures optimal air distribution.

• High flexibility

• Ventilation by row and layer possible

• Selective ventilation through pallet openings

• Perfect drying characteristics and air distribution

• Especially suitable for diverse produce

Room Ventilation

For temperature-controlled storage of

produce in boxes stacked to a height

of about 7.5 m, with ventilation by natural air flow

around the boxes.

•  Sound design with an integrated mixed air hatch

• Natural ventilation; ideal for temperature-controlled storage

• Very simple and flexible to use

• Easy installation

Bulk Storage

For bulk produce storage in piles with a height of 3 to 5 metres. Forced ventilation through ventilation ducts or a slatted floor.

•  Forced ventilation with perfect air distribution allowing optimal mixed air regulation

• Optimal use of available space

• Easy entry into storage and removal from storage


The OmniCuro is Omnivent's flagship storage computer. It has 3 functions that make storing easy:

  1. It monitors and analyses your store, such that you always know what’s going on.
  2. It controls your store, making decisions for you based on your storage strategy.
  3. It advises you, by automatically making the right settings based on some simple questions!

You can use these functionalities anytime, anywhere, using the OmniTouch screen in your store, an app on your phone/tablet or via your computer, all with the same user-friendly interface.


The OmniBreeze evaporates water into the air, which enables you to control the relative air humidity in your store. The advantage of pad humidification is that it can never supersaturate the air with water, meaning that you don’t have to worry that your potatoes get wet. We know it works, because customers report some serious advantages when they use the OmniBreeze:

  • A reduction of weight loss of up to 30%
  • Increased product quality (up to 60% less bruises)
  • Less energy used for cooling (because humidification has a cooling effect)


OmniBoxes are made in Omnivent's own factory, using high quality Northern European spruce wood. All connections are both glued and nailed to make the most robust boxes. The advantages of an OmniBox?

  • Strong boxes, with lifespan that can easily exceed 15 years
  • Easy to clean, because all wood is dried and planed
  • Less product damage, because all contact surfaces are rounded

OmniBoxes are designed such that the air distribution in the box is optimized for the storage system it is used in. That is why different situations call for different boxes.