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4-Row Self-Propelled Harvester

Puma 4

Meet the world leader in the 4-row self-propelled harvester range: the Puma 4.0.
You can confidently rely on AVR's latest self-propelled harvester to help meet your current farming challenges. This heavy-duty, reliable and user-friendly machine will process up to 100 tonnes of potatoes per hour with all the correct settings. Even in wet weather conditions, this gentle giant will soldier on. Your Puma can now also be connected to the web. This will enable you to capture your machine data on the new AVR Connect platform to work even more efficiently after an initial assessment.
1-Row Trailed Bunker Harvester

Spirit 6100

The Spirit 6100 is a 1-row offset potato harvester equipped with a six ton bunker. This smallest member of the Spirit family has everything you need for a quality harvest.

Over the years, the Spirit series has built a strong reputation for potato-friendliness and capacity. The Spirit 6100’s unique harvesting and separation system provides a very potato-friendly harvesting process - it’s all about your precious potato. AVR has therefore developed a smooth product flow with minimal drop heights, as few directional changes as possible and a flat picking-off table.

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